Friday, 11 March 2011

Project plan (5): Project team

Debbie Cooke, Joint Project Leader. Debbie is also Head of Strategic Marketing.

She will have overall responsibility for the budget and communications plan and will keep close to the project and have regular weekly updates from Allison.

She will view designs/concepts/WIP at each of the 6 phased reviews. She will be copied on notes where appropriate. Debbie and Allison have a weekly Tuesday status meeting to discuss all their joint projects. She will review the blog regularly.

Debbie will have final sign off on all communications collateral.

Allison Ridge - Joint Project Leader
Allison will galvanise cross departmental colleagues and external suppliers to make sure the project comes in on time and budget. She will manage all day to day relationships with suppliers and be the single point of contact for iCREATE. She will be responsible for providing the final flowcharts to iCREATE for development at the end of week 4.
She will make sure work is shared at key times with relevant parties to get sign off/approval.

She will write the comms brief and brief the creative agency. She will manage this task in its entirety, reporting directly to Debbie. She will endeavour to keep the blog relevant and up to date as a way of keeping the wider team abreast of the project.

Chris Goostry, Creative Web Developer at the University

Chris will be responsible for making sure that the iCREATE designs integrate and are compatible with the Staffs University website. He will attend the first meeting to make sure the scope of the project is clear. He will provide all the meta data schemes. He will liaise with the internal IT department and the external supplier to make sure that all URL and URIs are linked correctly. He will manage the database and interface and he will be responsible for testing the site before it goes live. He will be responsible for all licensing once the game is Staffs property. He will also be responsible for inviting new members to the blog. He will work closely with the project managers to deliver the technical side of the project.

Nia Wearn, Senior Lecturer in Games and Design

Nia will be advising both Chris and the Project Leaders throughout the process. She will be part of the mind mapping meetings and will advise on the flow charts that Allison produces. She will bring her wealth of experience and talent to making sure the game's vision is not lost. With Nia's expertise in social media this could be another communications channel that could be explored.

Mark Stiles, Professor and Mentor to the project and Deputy Chair of JISC-JLT

Mark will be project mentor to the team. He will advise if we are fulfilling all our JISC obligations as we progress with the project. He will offer advice to keep the project on track.

Janine Holdway, Business Manager at the University

Her main responsibility will be to share with the project leaders (from her knowledge) the most FAQs by sub sector groups. She will be intergral to the game achiveing its objective of being relevant and intersteting to the new students. It is through her knowledge that Allison will be able to supply iCREATE with the flowcharts for each customer journey.

Matthew Morgan, IT Officer at the University

Matthew will work closely with Chris to make sure the Universities CMS (Tridion) is re-structured to provide the systematic content/data management that the game requires. Matthew will report to Chris and Chris will keep Allison informed that all technical requirements are on track.


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