Friday, 11 March 2011

Project plan (6): Timeline

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Work Packages
Although we have no formal off the shelf project management software we are well versed in running multi dimensional projects for multiple audiences in a limited time frame.

We have developed an internal system called SMART which allows us to post comments against creative work, share large creative files without clogging up in boxes. The other tool we use is Dropbox. This a remote file sharing service which allows multiple people to view creative work at any given time. It also allows the recipient to download files to their own PC.

Project methodology

At the start of any project we scope out the parameters so all are clear on where we need to get to and their role in achieving this. We call this the 'common vision'.

We make sure we follow the basic principles of:
  • Defining the task and goals, (specifically design, technical and best practise) whilst making sure there is a match to the end user's demands/needs.
  • Measure and identify what areas of the project are critical to quality.
  • Analyse the creative designs based on sound marketing principles. Strive to push forward with the most creative, thought provoking work.
  • Design details. Make sure the design is optimised through integration at a technical and communication level.
  • Verify the design. Allow for testing of the product, make sure integration is seamless.


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