Thursday, 16 June 2011

Further functionality to level 2 - Room design

A Ridge had requested further functionality e.g music posters etc so the room had a warmer friendlier feel and allowed the user to make it personal to them.

iCREATE cannot confirm if this is possible and will reserve judgement until they have completed the 'crucial' parts of the game before seeing whether we can add in some more 'nice to have' elements. A Ridge thinks these are important for the overall user experience.

Interface creative V2

These JPEGS show the revised designs for the interface.  If it looks a bit dark, it's because we have 'blacked out' the background when there is a pop-up displaying dialogue or instructions... This might need rethinking.  We have suggested 'MY NOTEBOOK' instead of business cards, so the player can periodically save links and reminders to their notebook for future ref.  BIRDS EYE VIEW takes them to the aerial overview of the model so they can hop from one area to the next.  And just to clarify, this interface is designed to overlay the live game play as an on-screen menu at all times, with pop-ups centre screen when there are instructions or dialogue.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Preview of the Stoke campus model

This is a playable version of the initial model of the Stoke campus, including both College Road and Leek Road. It is an 80MB ZIP file, and runs on Windows PCs only.

This is first stage design and not how the end game will look. Further campus dressing is required to add warmth, to look at "Google versus real city" to check whether correct, and to minimise the look of  surrounding "white blob" buildings (that are not part of the game).

Preview of avatar design

Here is a preview of a possible design for the avatars that will be used in the game:
Chosen 3D and animated models for game - Patrick Hore is a Staffordshire University student who Nia Wearn recommended for the project. This style will now be worked across all avatars from doctors and sports to welcome week and chaplancy.

Updated timing plan

The timing plan from 1 June has updated dates for deliverables that iCreate will need to implement the storylines.

Contact reports, 30 March - 2 June

Here are some notes from meetings on:

Copy sheet (v1)

Version 1 of the copy sheet contains all the storylines and prompts for the game. The copy needs to be tighter, more direct and bite size. Feedback given 14 June.

Copy for the Step-by-Step guide

Here is some copy that serves as an introduction to the project in the Step-by-Step Guide for new students.

Wireframe v4

Here is version 4 of the wireframe. This is the final approved version for iCREATE now to begin technical build.
We have not produced storyboards, as the wireframe was deemed sufficient to agree the flow of the game, but iCreate will present numerous iterations of the work-in-progress version of the game for team review. In addition, iCreate will provide draft concepts showing the user interface design at various stages for approval and feedback.

GUI concepts

Here are three concepts for the game GUI:

These are WIP and the design will chnage to be more in line with our undergraduate guide and UCAS materials. It does not look "in brand" enough at present.

Presentation to Students Union and Admissions team

Here are the slides from the Presentation to the Students Union and Admissions team.