Thursday, 25 August 2011

Where should the game be hosted? - part 2

Information Services have advised that the installer can be hosted "in-house", but on a separate server to the website ( Once the final version of the game is ready, they will upload it to the server and we will commence testing.

On a related note, we will also make a number of copies available on disc upon request, and a request form is being built for inclusion in the My New Uni web pages. This is to allow students who may not have internet access when they arrive to install the game.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Where should the game be hosted?

One of the remaining issues is where to host the game. The installer is around 250MB in size, and with around 2,000 new students potentially downloading it, that is a potential half a terabyte of traffic!

That's not to mention other use cases, such as:
  • A user having an interrupted download, so they may need to start downloading again
  • Users from other institutions
  • Users installing across multiple devices
The potential increase in traffic has been raised with our Information Services department, and they will advise as to whether the current infrastructure should be able to cope, or whether the game will need to be externally hosted.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Flyer designs for 'student messageboard' part of the game

iCreate have designed flyers for the game as discussed, using the timetables that Janine sent through, and the events listed on the Students' Union website. Quite a lot of fun things happening!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Initial promotional materials for students

An initial design for a postcard promoting the game to new students is now available. It will be handed out during Welcome Week.

The game will be promoted at the URL

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Beta version demonstrated

The game is now at the beta testing stage, and a demonstration was held in Stoke yesterday with the following attendees:
  • Dawn Lyle (iCreate)
  • Allison Ridge (The Honesty Room)
  • Debbie Cooke / Tim Deville / Sue Lawton / Chris Goostry / Tom Hart (Strategic Marketing)
  • Nia Wearn (Faculty of Computing, Engineering & Technology)
  • Maria Scrivens / Judy O'Brien (Press & PR)
Dawn requested that as many as possible download the beta version and report any bugs so that they can be eliminated in the final version. The deadline for comments is 17 August.

Issues to be resolved

  • Some Students' Union flyers still need to be provided
  • How to 'end the game' to be decided - at the moment, you finish all your tasks and then nothing happens
  • Still need content relating to Week 2 sign-in
  • Chris G is working on providing links to 'Award Handbooks'.
  • Where will the game be hosted for download. Given the size of the file (250MB), and the number of potential downloads, it will need to be on a server that can handle the traffic
  • Credits - there will be a quick screen of credits when the user clicks 'EXIT' to quit the game.  A list of names, organisations and logos is required