Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Launch day: early feedback is positive

Well, it was launch day yesterday, and there was an impressive spike in the number of visitors to the page where the game is hosted!

Positive Feedback (via Facebook & Twitter)

Here's a snapshot of some feedback from Facebook and Twitter that Nia has identified:
  • "My uni is pretty good! Nice one! :)"
  • "i like the "my new uni" game, although the one problem i had was the mouse not disappearing in first person mode. despite that, it really helped!"
  • " Not bad at all, takes the hassle out of wondering where to go and what to do, also good to know how close the accommodation is to lectures."
  • "Pretty cool. I was heartbroken that I couldn't find a way to jump off the map :(
  • Just a thought, but what if students could contribute to this each year. Maybe incorporate it in with some 3d modelling or texturing modules?
  • It would be an interesting way to show off to new students in that case. Maybe after time it could slowly be expanded to include some some lecture rooms; perhaps even the surrounding areas like beaconside village, or BASIC routes to town."
  • "definatly suggests giving mynewuni a tryout !"
  • "It's really impressive and definitely useful. Well done to whoever designed it!"
  • " It would be better if you could go into The Ember Lounge :) - Also, we spent ages trying to find zombies to shoot, but no joy!"
  • "It's (taking its time) downloading... but I get the feeling this will be amazing!"
  • "Ahaha, I love the VC's "character" on the My New Uni game - very nice! /cc @StaffsUni"
  • "is loving 'My New Uni' the new alternate reality game that puts you in a virtual Staffs world - fab for freshers "
  • "Having a bit of a laugh with the new @StaffsUni game :)"

Results of e-mail campaign

Here are some figures regarding the HTML e-mail that was sent out to new students:
Total sent 2005 100%
Total hard bounces 14 1%
Total delivered 1991 99%
Total opened 404 20%
Total unique openings 403 20%
Total click throughs 220 54%
Total unique click throughs 176 44%
Total unsubscribes 1 0%
Total forwards 0 0%

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